Thursday, January 12, 2012

Women Wear Pre-Fall 2012

Pre-fall collections are usually shown in late December early January. This is basically the time spring collections shown earlier in the year is starting to arrive at stores worldwide. Pre-fall collections are shown just a month before the official fall collections. I think this is just an excuse to show more pieces and collections to retailers, therefore have people working on delivering more fashion clothes to stores while is mid-season. I also think this is a response to the fast fashion strategy from other lower price chain stores; “Less inventory yet more merchandise frequency “. Although stores in the lower price range don’t put a title on their collections such as fall or spring, it is basically the same thing. Are you confused?! Well, remember that fashion houses also show resort collections besides their fall and spring, pre-fall and pre-spring as well as accessories and some fashion houses even show beach wear lines. All these are womens collection. Do not forget there is also Men’s wear fall and Spring collections.
Anyways, here are the best pieces for pre-fall 2012 in term of color combination and color trend. There is no ground breaking in terms of silhouette or shapes. American and European designers are still playing safe and focusing mostly on bright colors to separate themselves from the crowd. The colors are: neon red, cobalt blue, vivid pink, yellows, oranges and greens. Generally stylish people around the globe invest their money in dark colors because there are supposed to be timeless, however, if you get a bright, good quality piece you can have it also for very long time, just make sure you get a good one.