Monday, October 17, 2011

The Creative Corner" - Paris fashion Week Spring 2012

I’ve been following season after season collections from NY, Milan, London and Paris. Although living in America at the moment, I can’t stop thinking about what would be to do fashion in Paris or even show in Paris fashion week. Without a doubt, currently Paris has been the fashion creative corner in the word. It is well know that NY is commercial and business oriented, Milan is a bit more focused on the men’s wear fashion business, London is working towards stilling Paris’s post as the most creative fashion week. As a fashion designer and someone who follows fashion from a consumer as well as a fashion insider’s point of view, I look at fashion weeks searching for shows that are besides being creative and relevant to our times as well as interesting enough that customers and buyers will look at the looks twice. Therefore, I do think that Paris still holds the post of most creative. If all the collections shown in the Paris fashion week are sellable that is a complete different argument. Of course, designer should strive for a commercial yet creative/relevant collection in order to be sustainable but this a topic for another time. Here are my favorite looks for spring 2012. I picked the look for different reason. Sometimes I look at colors, other times shapes and proportions and some other times for pure fantasy and sometimes for all the above in the same look.