Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Orange is the new Red - NY Fashion Week Spring 2012

Orange is the new Red
Women Read-to -Wear
Summer/Spring 2012
New York Fashion Week

After another interesting half year in SF, which I was amazed to win for the 2nd year, the award for best menswear fashion designer, I left to NY for my presentation at the Royalton Hotel on September 12th. Although I love San Francisco I figured out that NY was waiting to see my collections as well. So, I decided to show for the first time my Summer/Spring 2012 collection at NY fashion week. It was an amazing experience and I will be back next season. While there, I also visited possible spaces to showcase my next fall 2012 collection and made some new fashionistas friends.
While in NY and in between meetings with buyers or preparing for my own event, I checked some fashion shows at Mercedes Bens Fashion week at Lincoln Center and at Milk project in the meatpacking. I noticed among many collections the color Orange. For many years, we got accustomed to see the orange color on the Hermes paper bags, however, now there is a strong trend featuring the color in dresses, pants, tops and jackets as well as bags and accessories. These are the outfits I think will be seen in the streets for Summer/Spring 2012. I guess orange is the new red. Love it!